Mother’s Day Weekend at Sandbridge

I cannot begin to say how much I enjoyed the last few days that we spent down at Sandbridge Beach.  It was my Mother’s Day gift from Brad and I absolutely treasure the time we spent down there.  We rented a beach house right on the beach which was amazing!  But, that was minor compared to having all of the kids under one roof for the whole weekend.  Savanna and Lance taught us to play Skip-Bo and it is now my favorite game.  We played volleyball and had a fantastic time.  The kids flew kites and Lance and Savanna built an incredible sandcastle complete with moat.  On Saturday evening we invited Lee and Dave and some of the kid’s friends and we had a cook-out and Matt’s birthday cake.  Lee made his ice cream cake and it was so yummy!  After a rousing game of volleyball (we didn’t keep score and only stopped because we couldn’t see the ball anymore) some of the guys and I played SPOONS and there weren’t any casualties which I think must be a first for us – although I thought Ryan was going to take out a window at one point.  Of course I won with only an “S” – hee hee.  We had to check out of the house by 10 this morning so we were up early getting everything ready to go.  It was a wonderful weekend and I feel very blessed that we were able to do it.  I am thinking it should be an annual tradition!  Here’s a few of my favorite pictures so far.

Lance flying one of the teeny tiny kites - I didn't think they would fly

Ryan and Matt playing Frisbee

Awww, Savanna and her daddy

Lance and Savanna building their Pentagon sand castle

Lance and Savanna - proud of their sand castle

Goin' In - doesn't matter that the water is freezing!


My kids 🙂 Love Them!

This pretty much sums up the volleyball team of Savanna and Lance

My Boys

Dave and Lee


Lance getting up close and personal with the crab

Matt and Carl giving us a show 🙂

Sunday Sunrise

More to Come!!


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