Out of town wedding helpers

This past weekend I (We) drove up to just north of Baltimore to shoot a wedding.  It was the wedding of  a dear friend of mine’s (who also happens to be my hairdresser) daughter.  It was Lance’s last weekend at home before he deploys on Friday so Savanna asked if he could come along and help.  Well, since I broke my toe last week I decided it would be great to have extra help to carry the heavy stuff.  He also drove most of the way which was nice too because driving doesn’t do much for the toe either.  We had a great time, I am really feeling bad for Savanna, he will be gone until right before Christmas.  I am going to miss him too, I’ve gotten to know him and I am going to miss having him around.  Please pray for my baby girl as she faces this time apart – it’s going to be tough.

Oh, are we boring you Lance?

How DOES he do that?


I wonder what was going on at the wedding while these were being taken!

Savanna channeling Aretha Franklin “R-E-S-P-E-C-T”


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