Memorial Day Get-together

Cool Jack!

Dave, Jack, and Brooke

Lisa Mazzio with Gina and their babies - Charlotte (or Caroline), Jack and Caroline (or Charlotte) I can't tell with their hats on!

Dan and Charlotte

Jack and his Nonnie

Pure Glee! I love it!

Mason getting his turn being thrown in the air by Dave

Charlotte and Caroline - they were being thrown in the air by Lisa's mom and Gina but my timing was bad and I didn't catch them in the air.

My Giggle Sisters - I love them!

(Well, I was going to write something at the beginning but WordPress strikes again and won’t let me put anything above the first picture!)

Lee Ann invited us over to their house today to start the summer.  All of her kids and also Alaina and Mason, and the Mazzios were there too.  That meant FOUR babies!  They were all adorable and so fun!  I am swamped with work right now but I did edit just a few pictures that caught my eye really quick.  The one of Jack flying in the air is my favorite – such fun!


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