Our Trip to Missouri

I am going to try to catch up my blog with a few pictures.  I went to Tennessee the first week in June for a few days.  I did Marianna’s bridal portraits (which I can’t show yet, but will be posting on my pro site after the wedding which is August 14).  Of course I also took some pictures of Claire which I already posted here.  On Tuesday, I helped hostess a bridal shower for  Marianna.  That was fun, we almost had all the “Rucker” women there.  We missed you Jeannetta, Stephanie, and Savanna!  On Thursday I was supposed to meet Brad in Nashville about 1030 at night and we were planning on heading to Illinois for the night before going to Hannibal.  But, his plane out of Norfolk got delayed and he got stuck in Detroit overnight and didn’t get in until Friday morning.  That didn’t mess things up too badly.  I picked him up early and we headed to Illinois.  Brad wanted to take a quick look at the house that we still own there.  He checked the paint to make sure it was still in good shape (it was) and also took a look at the roof.  We are planning on replacing the roof this fall and he wanted to get a look at it first.  After we had some Bobby’s frozen custard we headed to Hannibal.  We got there about 6:00 or so and it was great seeing all the Ward cousins/aunts and uncles again!  I’ll do more posts on Hannibal soon – I’m still editing pictures 🙂

You can find more Tennessee pictures here .

Jennifer and Sam

Marianna - the guest of honor

Wrigley Rucker

Ivy Rucker

Kate Jones


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