Pictures for Lance

Savanna and Lance have been trying to get a time to talk on the phone since Tuesday night.  He finally got through on Wednesday night while we were painting pottery at Color Me Mine but they got cut off after just a few minutes.  The next time he was able to get through happened to be tonight, 5 minutes before Savanna was helping me with a family photo shoot.  The shoot had two children (ages 5 and 3) plus a dog!  So, I REALLY needed her help.  They were able to talk very briefly before she had to come and help me.  After the family left, and because I felt so badly, I asked Savanna if she wanted me to take some shots for Lance.  She didn’t think she was dressed “cute” enough but I convinced her that Lance wouldn’t care.  I love the way they turned out – there was some amazing lighting at that time of evening, I’m sure Lance will be happy too, although he probably would have rather talked to her longer 😦


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