The end of the line for Zach and Brian’s 2010 Cruisin’ America Road trip

Zach Bozeman and Brian  Clark are a couple of our Illinois friends.  The have visited us a couple of times since we have moved back to Virginia.  This time we were the last stop for them on their 2010 road trip.  They drove from the St. Louis area down to Dallas/Ft Worth, then on to Nevada and the Grand Canyon where the went sky diving.  From there they went to Los Angeles and visited Yellowstone, slipped into Canada, Chicago (where they had driven 5000 miles only to be 200 miles from home!!), then several more of which I can’t remember, New York City, Washington DC and then here.  They stayed with Ryan but we got to see them on Saturday.  Ryan and Matt had to work so Savanna took them to the beach for the day and then everyone came here that evening for pizza.  It was great listening to them tell us about their adventure.  I think the sky diving was the highlight of the trip!  It was great seeing them again, it makes us homesick for Illinois!


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