Mexican Fiesta and BULL!

We had the Lowmans (and Nan, of course!), Ryan and Crystal and Ben over last night for Mexican food.  Crystal made some salsa that was wonderful, along with homemade tortilla chips, Lee made mexican rice and sopapilla chips and I contributed the enchiladas and chalupas.  Although Crystal, Lee and Nan put the enchiladas together and Savanna topped the chalupas after I fried the tortillas, so I’m not quite sure if I contributed or not 🙂  I wanted to get a couple of pictures of the enchiladas and chalupas but I forgot before we started digging in.  After eating we played the card game “Bull,” well that isn’t the complete name but that is the name that was allowed (LOL).  It was super fun and Crystal and I decided the next time it will be Italian night – YUM!!

Ben's Creative Cheating

Ryan bringing back the Happy Dance after he won a couple of hands in a row

As usual, you can find more pics here


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