Dynamic Duo

Last weekend two very special ladies turned 80 years old.

The Pratts and Ruckers (who both ROCK by the way) got together at Spring Mill State Park in Indiana last weekend to celebrate the lives of Bonnie and Connie.

When I was growing up I thought I was special because I had a mom that was a twin!  Why did that make ME special?  I don’t really know but for some reason it made a big difference to me.  Maybe it was because I thought that God must love ME a lot to give me two moms – it never occurred to me that it could be that I was so rotten I needed two moms to keep me in line – nope! never occurred to me – I was special 🙂  Now as an adult I realize that it wasn’t ME who was special at all!  NOPE!  I was wrong again (not the first time – won’t be the last!).  Lo and behold I finally realized what it was – my mom and her twin sister were the special ones.  God has really blessed them!  At their birthday celebration last weekend  we had over 50 people there – and that wasn’t even all of us!  When you think that it all started with the two of them, it is pretty amazing!  I cannot write like my cousin Cindy (check out her amazing blog here-if you are looking for a great weekly devotional you have just found it!), there are all these wonderful things I want to say bumping around in my head and for some reason, try as I might, I cannot get them down in words.  I guess my thing is pictures, always has been, probably always will be.  But, I will say this, the one thing that I always knew about my mom is that she always had my back – always ready to kick someone’s butt (or just call them on the phone) for any injustice that she thought they had done me.  And, Aunt Con was right there with her, ready to kick some butt too, the two of them are truly the dynamic duo – even living miles apart for most of their adult years they are still a force to be reckoned with.  So, I close this blog with a few pictures from our celebratory weekend, because although I typed plenty, I still speak better with pictures…

the guys telling stories

Kate, fascinated with the two "Gigis"

the twins decorated door

Rachel and Linda with Hannah Smith

Robbie with his daddy

singing "Happy Birthday" to each other

The Pratts

The Ruckers

More pictures can be found here


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