A funny thing happened on the way to the Beechcraft Museum…

The last time we were in Tennessee, Brad and I spent an afternoon hiking at Rutledge Falls and then visiting the Beechcraft Museum in Tullahoma.  We were having a hard time finding the museum, so as we were turning around at the airport, we saw a van leaving the airport.   Brad waved to the van and he stopped.  Brad started to ask him if he knew where the museum was and all of a sudden he realizes that he knows the guy!!  He worked with him back in the early 80’s when Brad was doing his Co-op stint at Arnold Engineering Development Center.  It was Gary Moyer!  He had helped him build an airplane (a real airplane) in his living room.  Gary didn’t recognize Brad right away but when Brad reminded him of a few things he then remembered him.  It was so funny!  It’s amazing to think that if we had been delayed any where along the way we would never have seen him.

Gary did know where the museum was and after having a fun reunion gave us the directions.  A few pics…

I didn't know there even WAS an NAS Chincoteague!


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