Washington DC, Day 1

We spent last night in Richmond with Savanna as she had the Manhattan Dance Project workshops on Saturday and Sunday.  We left her in Richmond to attend today’s workshops about 11:30 this morning.  I had to meet with a potential bridal client in Fredricksburg at 1:00.  So, after that meeting, we had lunch at Panera and headed to DC.  We got here about 3:00 and drove downtown to see the Navy Memorial.  I can’t believe we are  back in Washington DC almost exactly a year from when we were here before.  Last time we were here was for the bone marrow donation, you can read those entries here.  This year we are here for a conference that Brad has for work.  He asked me to come along and once I got the “okay” to take Tuesday night off from work, I said “Absolutely!!”.  This will actually be the first time that we are able to spend a couple of days here and I actually feel good.  I’ve been pregnant, having EPO shots (marrow donation) or we have only had a few hours to spend.  So, I am a bit excited about spending the next day or two here.  Tomorrow I plan on spending the morning at the National Portrait Gallery.  Brad will be in conference all day so I thought that would be a good time to do that.  Then his conference is only until about 1 or 2 on Tuesday so we plan on touring a couple of museums together that day.  We may even get to stay until Wednesday morning so we are really looking forward to seeing some of the things we haven’t been able to see in the past.  Like the National Museum of American History, and the Archives.  Tomorrow evening after he is done with the conference, we are planning on eating dinner in Georgetown and then taking some night pictures at the various monuments.  FUN!!  Here’s the shots I took today:

Navy Memorial - "The Lone Sailor"

Navy Memorial - plaque honoring Naval Aviation

Navy Memorial - Plague honoring Navy Families

Statue inside the Naval Memorial Museum

National Archive Building across the street from Navy Memorial

J. Edgar Hoover FBI Building

The Capitol Building


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