Project 365 minus 4, Day 16

This key, this brightly colored patriotic key was the absolute, without a doubt, highlight of my day.

Wow, you are thinking, that must have been a pretty dull day.  You could think that, but you would be wrong.  It was quite an ordinary day, although I wouldn’t say “dull”.  I finished up a couple of portrait sittings, burned some DVDs and got them ready to mail.  Packed up a couple of boxes to take to the new house on my way to work.  I had everything planned out so nicely.  Stop at the bank, have some lunch somewhere, mail the DVDs, go to Target and get a few things for the new house, stop by the new house, drop off the boxes that I packed, and take in the Target stuff.  This is where the trouble began.  Everything was going quite smoothly, I was relaxed, I had plenty of time to get to work at the dance studio, maybe even a little time to hang out at the new house a bit before going to work.  I went into the house through the front door with my keys, (there was a UPS express envelope in the door for us and after opening it I found  a check that I wasn’t expecting until next week – SWEET!!), carefully locked the front door behind me because I am weird and there is something a little creepy about a totally empty house, went through the door to the garage to open the garage door to empty my car.  Emptied my car, closed the big garage door, turned around to start carrying things into the house and turn the handle on the door into the house from the garage and it is LOCKED!!  Well, use your keys, right?  except for the keys I opened the front door with are sitting next to my purse on the kitchen counter!  I hadn’t put a new house key onto the Honda key ring yet!  I had four keys to the house and every one of them was safely in my purse IN THE HOUSE!!  The house I now had no key for!  AAAARGH!!  By this time it is 3:00 and I think, okay I need to call Kathy (my boss) and tell her I am going to be a few (I hope) minutes late.  Except for – my phone is in my purse, on the kitchen counter, which is locked in the house!!  Well, the only thing I know to do is, go to Matt’s work and hope that I happened to have put a house key onto my Eclipse key ring (he was driving my car).  I start heading to Suffolk (a good 30 minute drive) I say a quick prayer and all of a sudden it hits me (don’t think for a moment that I consider that a coincidence!), I gave one of the keys to Savanna yesterday when I saw her!  OH my goodness!  Praise God from whom ALL blessings flow!!  I quickly got off the interstate and headed to her apartment which isn’t very far from the house.  I used the phone in the apartment leasing office to call her and thankfully she was home and came down and brought me the key.  I wasn’t even late for work!!  It never ceases to amaze me that God cares about the little things in our lives.  Although it was  a BIG thing to me at the time, I am sure there are many, many, more things that were more important that God was taking care of this afternoon but He still helped me with the little minutiae in my life today and for that I am so grateful!  And I am also grateful for this key…


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