Matt’s new toy

Matthew is now the proud owner of a 27 foot sailboat.  We are excited for him.

We didn’t get to go for a ride today, the seas and winds were too high, I’m sure there will be plenty of rides in our future though.


6 responses to “Matt’s new toy

    • He is actually planning on living on it at some point. Right now he is learning how to sail and getting used to it, the plan is to live on it while he goes to ODU for the next two years. Brad has sailed before and is helping him out. We are thrilled that it is getting him out of the house and something he is having a great time with. Living on it will be similar to camping. There is a marina for showers and laundry. He has a bathroom on board along with a stove and small fridge and microwave so that is really all he needs 🙂 It is 30 years old but in great shape.

  1. It says “Forever Young”, it was the name the previous owner named it. Matt has to come up with a new one. It is quite the topic of conversation! Any ideas?

  2. Very Cool. There must be something in our genes that make us do things like this. Matt evidently got the gene!

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