How I spend a free Saturday

It is summer time and I don’t get very many Saturdays off.  But, I had this Saturday completely free.  Savanna and I met with the lady who is doing her wedding stationery in the morning and then Savanna and Lance joined us and we went to the neighborhood picnic.  I was glad they came, I didn’t know anyone, although Brad knew several people there because he goes to the civic league meetings.  I haven’t been able to go to the meetings due to working at the dance studio.  There was a really cool jazz band playing which we really enjoyed.  We thought the keyboard player looked like Kenny Rogers – what do you think?

Kenny Rogers!

After the picnic we headed to Matt’s boat.  The water was so choppy that Savanna and I had a bit of sea sickness – Savanna more than me.  But, the guys had a great time!

As Savanna says "umm, the captain is still on the pier"

Matt and Lance preparing to put up the main sailSavanna was glad to be back on land.


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