Texas – Day 1

We left Norfolk about 10:30 on Sunday night.  We drove all night and met Savanna and Lance just east of Atlanta.  They had gone to visit one of Lance’s cousins after the North Carolina wedding.  After picking them up and putting them in the driver’s seats since they had slept all night, we drove until about 6:00 on Monday, spending the night in Slidell, Louisiana.  We left Slidell about 8:00 and arrived in San Antonio about 6:00 on Tuesday evening.  It was a long haul, and we have to do it again on the way home in two days, but we will break up the trip a little on the way back so it won’t be as bad.  After unloading Ryan’s stuff in San Antonio, we drove out to the lake and ate and hit the sack.  These pictures were taken on Wednesday.  Ben and Shepherd arrived about mid-day.  Leah is a teacher and couldn’t get here until Friday.


Matthew and Shepherd

Ben and Shepherd

Getting ready to go fishing

Fishing on the pier

Matt has one on the line

John was quite interested in the catfish

Shepherd and Grandmother watching the moon rise


For more pictures go to: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150281963674223.348153.701749222&l=4553c2ad58&type=1


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