Weekend in Stanley

Brad and I were blessed enough to spend a weekend in Stanley, Virginia.  We have barely had a moment to ourselves for several months now and with my now working at the dance studios 5 nights a week, and having several weddings to shoot lately, we really needed a weekend away.  So, we went to Stanley, Virginia and stayed in a cottage at a little bed and breakfast.  It wasn’t the best experience at a bed and breakfast but it wasn’t too bad either.  We got there pretty late on Friday after hitting some really bad traffic and pouring rain.  On Saturday we got up and went to Lake Arrowhead and hiked around the lake and then went into Luray and had lunch at a little deli that we had eaten at when we stayed in Luray a couple of years ago.  We then had planned on going to a “Blue Grass Festival and Gospel Sing” but when we got there, there really wasn’t a whole lot going on, so we headed back to the B&B and took naps.  Whats a weekend getaway without a good old nap?  We ate dinner at a little Italian restaurant in Luray last night.  We left today and took the scenic route home.  It was beautiful, I can’t imagine what it will look like in a couple of weeks when the leaves are changing their color.  We are home now, and life will begin again tomorrow morning – editing pictures and going to work at the dance studio.  Luckily I do love both my jobs!  🙂

Lake Arrowhead, we hiked around the lake


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