Savannah, Georgia

We arrived in Savannah yesterday about 1:00.  We met Lance’s parents at our hotel and then drove down to Golden Corral for lunch.  After lunch we checked out some hotels for both our guests and ourselves for next May.  We think we found a good one for both, we have to go back on Tuesday morning and speak with the managers hoping to get a good price for a block of rooms.  We then went to our separate hotels for naps – HAHA!  We met for dinner later in the evening.  We tried to eat at a cute little Italian place for dinner but they couldn’t get us a table for 6 until 9:30 pm.  Well, we weren’t interested in eating that late so we drove out to Carrabas, where we had a wonderful meal.  We then headed back to our hotels.

Today Savanna and Lance got up and going early and headed down to Paula Deen’s restaurant to get us reservations for lunch/dinner.  They got reservations for 3:30 which was fine because that way we could go to Leopold’s for ice cream :-).  Savanna and Lance went and picked up Janet and Eddie and then came to our hotel where we decided what to do until 3:30.  We decided ice cream first and then doodle around until 3:30.


After Leopolds, we went to Reynold’s Square where “Forrest Gump” was filmed.  Both Brad and Eddie thought every square we went around was the “Forrest Gump” square so we had to take them to the REAL Forrest Gump square.  What was funny is that they were in separate cars and didn’t know the other was asking about the squares.  So, after being in the truck with us, Savanna and Lance get into the car with them and Eddie is asking the same question about the squares as Brad!  Lance couldn’t believe it LOL!  So, after ice cream we all decided we needed to go to the REAL FG square.

This is the church in the first scene of FG where the feather is falling from the sky:

We then headed down to Forsyth Park where there was a Folk Music Festival going on.  When we got there there was blue sky but by the time we walked down to the fountain and then got back to the music stage it started to rain so we headed back to the cars, and on down to The Lady and Sons.

This guy was making some pretty impressive bubbles

Lance and Savanna in front of the Forsythe Park fountain

The parents of the bride and groom, Eddie and Janet Ruis and Brad and me

That's my girl 🙂

After we made a mad dash to the cars when it started raining we headed down to The Lady and Sons. We got there early so we shopped in her store and then waited in the waiting room and had some fun with the Paula Deen standout that they had in there.

Janet, Paula, and Me

The pain of waiting for a table is lessened when you have an iPhone!

After dinner Eddie and Janet had to head home and we came back to the hotel.  Brad and I took a nap and Savanna and Lance went out to find a pair of swim trunks for Lance.  We have a big day tomorrow with appointments all day.  We are talking to florists and bakeries.  We are also going out to the Mackey House so Brad and Lance can see the house and we can talk to them a little more.  More tomorrow evening.


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