Savannah – part 2

We had all of our appointments except one on Monday.  Brad stayed at the hotel, but Lance came with us because we needed a driver.  Neither Savanna or I want to drive the truck.  We went to a florist first.  She is a wonderful lady who had great ideas and listened to Savanna and was so helpful.  We left there feeling really good about the flowers and pretty sure we were going to use her.  We then drove around a bit because we had some time to kill before our next appointment which was another florist.  So, we went to the next florist and was not happy with that particular experience!  She wasn’t listening to much of what Savanna said and even told Savanna that one of the bouquets that Savanna liked was “ugly”.  Grrr!  Didn’t win any points there!  So, it made the florist decision quite easy!  We went to the hotel and picked up Brad and went to lunch.  After lunch we had our first cake tasting.  It went well, the lady was really sweet, and she had three flavors for us to sample.  Everyone else liked it but I thought the flavors were a bit plain and the icing was heavy and way too sweet.  After the cake tasting we went out to the Mackey House.  Lance and Brad had not seen it yet, and we were hoping to get some more ideas of what to expect as far as table decor and such.

So, we got the tour and talked with Fred and Dave.  I was a little disappointed to find out that Dave won’t be there the weekend of the wedding.  He has a “capable” assistant that will be doing the job.  I sure hope he is “capable” and I am a little irritated that we weren’t told upfront.  Apparently Dave is never there that weekend, so I’m thinking someone should have mentioned it.  But, he will be doing all of the prep and just won’t be there the day of.  So, I’m trying not to fret about it.  Savanna has definitely decided to use the pavilion for the ceremony.

That way we won’t have the stress of weather related issues.  There are fans and air conditioning under the pavilion.  Plus, the setting is actually prettier than in the garden with the big fireplace and all.

Savanna won’t let me share all of the photos I took, she wants there to be some surprises, so I will only share these two plus the ones of Scarlett, the resident Schnauzie.  Don’t you love it?  A Schnauzer!

Scarlett, she has one floppy ear and one that stands up - Cute!

We had our final appointment on Tuesday before we headed out of town and it was a cake tasting.  It was the winner!  The cake was yummy and the design will be amazing – we are happy!  Next time we head to Savannah we will be doing Savanna’s bridal portrait.  That will be awesome!


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