Project 365 – Day 1

I am attempting to do the 365 project again.  Hopefully, I will do better than last year. Brad and I had a nice New Year’s Day.  We went to church and while there joined the church.  After searching and searching for many months and spending time in churches that seemed right but we realized after several months it wasn’t quite right for us we finally found a church that we feel is a great fit for us.   Everyone is so nice and welcoming, we have a chance again to feel at home in a church and and  we are really excited.

After church we went to lunch and then came home and changed clothes.  We put the top down on my convertible and headed out to Suffolk.  We went out there to get Roxie some doggie cookies at the Working Dog Bakery, where we used to get the dogs their treats when we lived out there.  Then we had plans to go watch remote control planes at a remote field out in Suffolk.  Unfortunately, no one was flying today.  I had planned on taking my 365 picture of the planes but since they weren’t flying I wound up taking pictures in one of the many cotton fields in Suffolk.  I’ve always loved seeing the cotton on the plants in the fields and we were in a remote enough area that I could get out of the car and take a picture or two.  So, it is boring as most of my 365 album will be, but here it is:


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