Project 365 – Day 2

I didn’t already fail at this project.  I posted to my FB page and forgot to post here until I was at work last night.  Here it is:

We set out Lexie’s marker yesterday afternoon.  It is 2 inch thick marble and is engraved although, I wish it were engraved a little deeper, but I still really like it and am very happy with it.  When we first put it out, Roxie was so curious about it and I tried to get a picture and I didn’t have a CF card in my camera – some professional I am! And, after I went inside and got the card, we couldn’t get her to reenact.  😦


One response to “Project 365 – Day 2

  1. So sweet. I am sad that the Rucker family has “graduated” another greatly loved dog to Heaven, but so glad that she had such a wonderful and happy life.

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