Project 365 – Day 12

I had a haircut appointment this morning up in Suffolk.  I’ve been getting my haircut by the same lady for about 7 years now.  I found her by choosing the hair place near where Savanna was dancing.  Gig has moved twice since then and is now out in Suffolk. So, I decided since it was going to be a pretty day, I would take Roxie with me and we would go to Windsor Park in Smithfield after my appointment.  So, after my haircut, Gig came out to see Roxie and asked if she had a sweater.  Well, dumb me didn’t even think that she might need a sweater, her fur is cut pretty short right now and although it is a warm day it is still only the low 60s.  So, the nearest Petsmart is at Chesapeake Square so we went there and wound up going to Portsmouth City Park rather than driving all the way back out to Smithfield.  Roxie was so good at the park, a little too good 🙂  There was a huge bunch of seagulls sitting in the parking lot and I had hoped she would take off barking at them so I could get a shot of them all taking off at once but she wouldn’t have anything to do with it, Lexie would have cooperated!


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