Project 365 – Day 14

A couple of weeks ago, Savanna had an accident on her way to work.  The car in front of her on the interstate slammed on its brakes due to a log being in the middle of the road – Yep!  A LOG in the middle of the interstate in Norfolk!  So, Savanna rear ended the girl in front of her.  No one was hurt – miraculously.  She did no damage to the car in front of her but her car was damaged pretty badly.  Since her car is a 1995 and only worth about $2000, the repair work was going to be about $3600, so the insurance company totaled her car.  So, we spent most of today going to car lots looking for 2000 Mitsubishi Eclipses.  We looked at some pretty bad stinkers today.  After coming home we (Lance and Brad) did some more research and found two more to look at tomorrow that are being sold by individuals.  We are tired of talking to used car salesman!  Savanna wasn’t even with us most of today.  She was wedding dress shopping with her BFF, Brooke.  Brooke is getting married in August and it was her turn to try on wedding dresses.  But, tomorrow after church we have two more cars to look at – cross your fingers!!  Brad leaves for Crete on Thursday for 10 days so we would really love to have this taken care of before then.


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