Finally, Success!  We asked for prayer for our car hunting in Sunday School on Sunday and we got a lot more than we bargained for.  One of the couples in our class have a family friend who sells cars for Checkered Flag Toyota which is also where Brad bought his truck last summer.  So, we got home and called him.  We had  a 2003 Eclipse to look at, at 2:00 (we thought) so after Lance called Marco (the 2003 Eclipse guy) and he was in Elizabeth City, even though he had an appointment with us at 2:00 – grrrr.  So, we went and talked to Russ at Checkered Flag Toyota.  They had a couple of trade-ins that had just come in that he showed us but they didn’t do Savanna any good.  He also had a really nice Camry that she considered long and hard about.  But, she really wanted an Eclipse.  We knew there was an Eclipse at the dealership that their friend Reba works at so even though we knew they weren’t open we figured we could look at the car on the lot.  We drove to Greenbrier and looked at that car.  It was okay, but it wasn’t in very good shape and they were asking a price that was a bit high.  So, we started thinking and I remembered there was a 4th generation Eclipse on the big wholesale lot in Virginia Beach which is affiliated with the dealership that Russ works for. We finally got ahold of Marco and went down and looked at the car he had.  He was a slimy little guy and thought we were goobers.  He said the Kelly Blue Book was 7300 and Brad had already looked it up and had his iPad with the real Kelly Blue Book at 4300, after he lied about that and a few other things we decided we didn’t want to buy anything from him and we headed home.   So, late Sunday night Brad called Russ and asked him to check into it.  So, this morning rolls around and Brad calls USAA and works the $$ stuff out with them and Savanna and Lance arrive.  All of a sudden Brad decides to buy Savanna’s Eclipse from the insurance company!  Just what we need a friend for the Peugeot! But, it is going to sit in the driveway under a cover until he gets back from Afghanistan and then he will fix it and who knows what then.  So, after we go pick up Savanna’s old car, we head down to where the 2007  Eclipse is.  It is in nice shape but they are asking a bit more than Lance and Savanna wanted to pay.  But, after negotiating, they wound up getting a great deal and are both very happy.  Anyhow, this is the winner:

Their first big purchase


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