Our Final Wedding Planning Trip – Day 2

Today was madly busy.  We started out with a 9:00 appointment with the hair and make up ladies.  Once again we were thrilled with our vendors and loved the whole experience.  They did a great job with Savanna’s hair and make up.

After the appointment we went back to the hotel and picked up Lance for lunch.  We had lunch at Chilis and then had an appointment at 12:30 for choosing the linens for the reception tables.  We finished that early and dropped Lance back at the hotel and headed to Colony Bay Florist for our final consult on the flowers and to pick up Savanna’s bridal portrait bouquet.  Everything went smoothly there and we finished early and headed out to the Mackey House for the first part of the Bridal Portrait session.  I can’t show any pics from the bridal portrait session but I CAN show you this one:

We got a little too close to one of Scarlett’s toys and she decided she needed to come and get it.  She is so cute!

After we finished at the Mackey House we went downtown and shot portraits in several different places.  We worried about running out of light but we were able to do all of the locations that we wanted with beautiful lighting.  We were thrilled!

Savannah City Hall as we were finishing up:

We got back to the hotel too late for their dinner so we went out to Olive Garden – what a tiring but exciting day!


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