Our Final Wedding Planning Trip to Savannah – Day 1

Jennifer flew in from TN on Tuesday about 5, I got off work about 6 and Savanna got off work about 6:30.  Lance met us all here at our house and we packed up the car (I believe Lance said we needed geometry to get everything in the car – haha)  We drove until we got to Florence, South Carolina which is about 3 hours from Savannah.  We got up in the morning and drove to Savannah arriving about 12:30.  We drove down to the downtown area because this was Jennifer’s first trip to Savannah and she was anxious to see the downtown area and the squares.  We then headed out to where the Mackey House is because we had our final planning meeting with Dave and Laura for 2:00.  We stopped at Zaxby’s for lunch first.  We then headed out to the Mackey house where we had a great planning meeting and we are so excited about the wedding day.  Everyone is so helpful out there and we are feeling very blessed to have found them.

(These pictures were all taken with our phones)

Jennifer took this one of us, she was sitting on the porch swing.

I took this one of her – she was crocheting while we had our meeting with Laura.

Of course, one of our favorite parts about the Mackey House is their resident Schnauzie, Scarlett.  I loved loving on her, her eyes reminded me of Lexie’s and brought tears to my eyes.

When we finished at the Mackey House we went to our hotel and had dinner there.  It was pretty good, and being that it was free it was magnificent!  HAHA!  We then drove downtown, we wanted some Leopold’s ice cream.  We walked around downtown a bit and had some ice cream and then headed back to the hotel.

Savanna and Lance walking in Savannah

Savanna and Lance walking in SavannahSavannah Cotton Exchange

Savannah Cotton Exchange

Jennier and Savanna at Leopolds

Jennifer and Savanna at Leopolds

Lance at Leopolds

Lance at Leopolds

Forsyth Park Fountain

Forsyth Park Fountain


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