Project 366 – Days 71, 72, 73, and 74

Catching up from being gone.

Day 71 – My “doggie bag” from Saturday’s shower. I took the picture before we left my mom’s yesterday. Coincidentally the inspiration of the day was “Frosted” – uncanny!

Day 72 – “Collection” My Grandmother Rucker gave me this tea set.

Day 73 – I hate when I realize at 11:20 at night that I haven’t done my 366.  I’m left with pictures of dog toys.  This is Roxie’s beloved bunny.

 Day 74 – the assignment was to take pictures of something from three different angles. I have started an antique (or old) camera collection. I received this in the mail the day we left for Savannah so I haven’t had time to really look at it so I decided to use it for my assignment. One pic from above, one from the side, and one from below. It doesn’t work, I’m hoping to one day be able to afford an antique that actually works, I’d love to see if I could get anything good from it.

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