Project 366 – Day 79 and 80

Day – 79  The inspiration was “bricks”, well, our house is made of bricks.  I thought about taking a picture of the bricks on our house.  But, before I made it outside I saw our “Homebones” hanging in the den.  It is a wall hanging that says “Home is where the Navy sends you” and has all of Brad’s duty stations on little pieces of wood (called “bones”), all 16 of them.  I decided to take a picture of that instead.  We will have two more before he retires.

Day 80 – I can’t believe I have been faithful to this for 80 whole days! YAY me! The inspiration was “outdoor”. This is from my azalea bush in front of our front window. I was afraid they were going to be blooming while we are in Texas next month but seeing how close these are to blooming I am thinking I’m not going to miss their glory after all!


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