Project 366 – Days 101, 102, and 103

Day 101 – camera wasn’t picked up until the end of the day. This is Roxie in her favorite spot at the lake, on the footstool of the Lazy-boy recliner.

Day 102 – This is a picture that I believe Brad’s mother’s mom painted. It is in the background of our wedding pictures since our wedding reception was at his mom’s house in Bell Buckle. The handkerchief is one that has been carried by all the brides in his family for generations. I always thought it was neat that I carried that handkerchief and this picture is in my very few wedding pictures. Savanna will carry it on her wedding day.

Day 103 – speaking of Savanna’s wedding day. This is the ingredients for one very sweet ring bearer’s pillow. Brad’s mom is making it. The only thing not here is the lace from my wedding dress. We hadn’t cut my dress yet. I did cut it though and the lace will be sewn onto the ring bearer pillow.


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