Project 366 – Catch up continued day 112 – 120

Day 112 – It’s a shower weekend. Today, Savanna’s maid of honor, Brooke, and her bridesmaids threw a bridal shower for her. Lots of fun and tomorrow is Savanna’s church shower. A very big weekend for my girl.

Day 113 – The ladies at Savanna and Lance’s church threw Savanna a bridal shower this afternoon. I know it is hard to imagine, but I didn’t take my camera (hanging my head in shame). I did take pictures with my phone so that is all I have. This is adorable of Savanna though. One of the ladies made her a hat and a bouquet with her ribbons and bows, the hat is actually made from the paper from the gift bags- cute!!

Day 114 – the bonus of a weird weather day is a beautiful rainbow. It was a complete rainbow but I couldn’t get a good position to get the whole thing. *iPhone pic*

Day 115 – Roxie just got groomed and the weather turned. She shivers a lot so I wrapped her up in a blanket 🙂

Day 116 – Brad bought me this stained glass iris years ago and I finally decided to hang it in the sunroom.

Day 117 – Mama’s got a little bling too 🙂

Day 118 – Daddy’s “bling” LOL Brad is getting his uniform ready for the wedding. Since he will already be in South Carolina for training I will be bringing it with me so he has to have it ready before he leaves.

Day 119 – I shot my first wedding of the season today, so my picture today is from the wedding. As important as the formal wedding pictures are, I think these random, candid moments are far more important to capture. This is the bride and her father, a much sweeter picture than the formal one I took, shows much more real emotion.

Day 120 – Random picture – trying to get my picture of the day and shooting whatever I see …


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