Project 366 – Catch up continued – Days 121 – 128

Day 121 – Random picture – trying to get my picture of the day and shooting whatever I see …

Day 122 – Brad and I getting our electronics set up, Skyping (is that a word, maybe it is spelled wrong) here we come. Technology is amazing, I’m very grateful.

Day 123 – I thought it was the “Final” but alas I remembered a picture I wanted to include and had to re-do again. By the time I finished with this little project I was not crying tears of emotion but practically IN tears with frustration and throwing discs across the room. But, it is finished and I am happy with it 🙂

Day 124 – First time in a very long time that my hubby is wearing dog tags 😦

Day 125 – Savanna decorated her mortar board so we will be able to see her amongst the crowd. 🙂

Day 126 – Proud of my girl

Day 128 – Flowers blooming in the front yard

Day 129

Day 130 – More “mama bling” 🙂


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