Project 366 – Catch up – Day 104-111

I had no idea I had ignored the blog so much with my 366.  I will catch it all up now:

Day 104 –  it was time to leave the lake 😦 We headed to Houston to spend the weekend with Brad’s brother and family. Roxie was waiting for us to get it all together to leave.

Day 105 – Shepherd building his railroad tracks

Day 106 – We swung by Ryan’s work on our way from Houston back to San Antonio.

Day 107 – My collection is growing! Thanks hon!

Day 108 – Got home from work tonight and this was waiting for me. It was amazing! I am thinking I might just starve while Brad is gone 😦

Day 109 – It was time for Brad to get his spiffy duds ready for Savanna’s big day. Since his last dress uniform got red wine spilled down the back of it, we needed to go purchase him a new jacket and he has two medals that had to be added to his dress medals. Much more expensive than renting a tuxedo, but he was going to have to do it anyway, and his uniform is much better looking than a tux (in my opinion anyway) 🙂 iPhone pic

Day 110 – Slow day, Roxie is it!

Day 111 – My version of a “gift bag” for Savanna’s shower gift


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