Picking up Sadie

I know my blog has been neglected but rather than load up my Facebook page with everything I decided to blog it.  I figure the people who really want to see the pics will come here to see 🙂   I don’t want to bore everyone else. (Pics taken with my point and shoot)

This is Jazzy, Sadie’s mommy, giving her one last bath before she heads home, she closely attended to Sadie practically the whole time we were there.


This is Winston (Sadie’s daddy) giving us some love, both parents were very sweet.1169 1170Sadie giving some love to the little girls.  They are the daughters of the breeder.

The three resident Schnauzers.  The salt and pepper Schnauzer is Jazzy, Sadie’s mom, the Scnauzie in the middle is Winston, Sadie’s daddy, and the black Schnauzie in front is Tootsie.  Tootsie’s ears reminded me of Lexies 🙂

1174 1176And away we go…



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