The Witte

I can’t remember what we did on Monday (19th), I know we ate at Lulu’s for dinner but other than that I don’t remember.  Tuesday (20th) Ryan had jury duty and Brad and I spent the day (all day and practically the night too) in the ER at San Antonio Medical Center while he passed a kidney stone. *Note to all military: if you need medical help in San Antonio – DO NOT GO THERE!! **.  So on Wednesday we had planned on going to Fredricksburg to a World War II museum but we didn’t get our fannies moving soon enough and decided to go to a local museum instead, The Witte, which was a Texas historical museum.  It was very interesting and I really enjoyed it. (Pics taken with my iPhone)


Isn’t this an awesome display?  A little scary.mus10mus3Texas Longhorn

mus17 I enjoyed seeing these antique badges

mus19  I was off doing my own thing and I came around a corner and saw this – haha – they were playing some kind of game.

mus18It was a good trip and a trip to Freddy’s for custard afterwards put the icing on the cake (so to speak)


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