Christmas 2014 – Part 1

I know that I don’t keep up with the blog much. But I think it is a good way for me to remember our very special Christmas this year.  All Christmases are special, I mean we are celebrating our Savior’s birth but sometimes there isn’t much family around and it just doesn’t seem as special as others.  This year was exceptional.

I’m not a big fan of decorating the house so I try to plan a Decorating Day when Savanna and Lance can come over and help.  I usually try to entice them with something yummy to eat.  This year, I failed though, they had something else going on the only day that we could decorate.  I did entice Matt over, however, for dinner, and he helped with a couple of things that we needed done to prepare for a full house. (Moving furniture around a bit)

My very favorite thing about Christmas decor is the lights.  Last year, Brad sprained his ankle right before Christmas so we were unable to put them on the house.  This year, we were able to have our outdoor lights and even added to them with a couple of spiral trees and a baby doe (which Hunter called a dog – 🙂 )

Brad putting up the lights

7921 7924 20141206_100404Brad helped me out with the inside decor as well

7910Sadie wondering why I am in the sunroom in the dark.

7908The finished decorations

1559 1563 1568 1571 1572

The girls went to the groomer for their Christmas “dos”.


Blog Collage1420077819446



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