Christmas 2014 – Part 5

We didn’t do a whole lot today, more baking/cooking and taking pictures of Hunter.

Blog Collage1420054888392

Who’s in my tree??

Since Mom was leaving the next day, I took some pictures of her with Hunter and the kids.

Blog Collage1420054973204

When Ryan and Brad went outside to fly their RC Quadracopters Hunter liked to go out and watch and also to see the yard ornaments.

Blog Collage1420055118709

Hunter was also fascinated with his Papa’s motorcycle.  Brad started it up and it was too loud for him and it scared him a bit so he wouldn’t sit on it without Ryan.  But, once Ryan sat on the bike he sat down with him and loved it.

Blog Collage1420055398416He wouldn’t honk the horn himself, he used Ryan’s finger.


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