Crabtree Falls – October 2014

The next time we had a chance to camp was Columbus weekend in October.  We went with Savanna and Lance to Crabtree Falls Campground.  Savanna and Lance had camped there back in June and loved it so we decided to go back with them.  It was a beautiful campground right on the creekbank.  Brad and I got there fairly early in the afternoon and set up camp.  Savanna and Lance showed up pretty much after dark so we helped them set up their tent in the dark.  Lance had a head lamp which we all made fun of and then after seeing the value of it had to eat our words.  They were soon on the “must-have” list for the next camp trip.  They were on a lower spot than us and were very close to the creek.  We got them set up and then went back up and had some chili.




Nothing better than camp breakfast!

It wound up raining almost the entire time we were there, we had a few windows of weather that didn’t have rain, enough to have a fire a couple of times.  It was pretty cold too but Brad had brought a little heater for the tent so we stayed pretty warm and we played games and ate snacks in the tent when we wanted out of the rain.  We actually had a great time, rain and all!

IMG_7269-copy IMG_7277-copy IMG_7282-copy IMG_7288-copy IMG_7297-copy IMG_7301-copy IMG_7302-copy


There was a couple of hours on Sunday without rain so we headed up to the falls area.  We didn’t climb to the top but we still had a pretty good view from where we did hike.



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