Our Camping Adventures – August 2014

Brad and I decided to start camping again.  It seemed like it would be a fun activity for us to do with the dogs and would be a “cheap” way to go places and do things on the weekends.

So, after much research, we bought our tent and dining canopy and a slew of other things that camping needs.  We already had some things from when we camped when the kids were younger.  So we loaded up our Venza and headed out to Northwest River Park in Chesapeake.  We thought our first trip should be a bit close in case we forgot something hugely important.

20140815_165351 20140815_165405 20140815_165418 20140815_165641

That last one is a little blurry because Sadie and Tess were messing with each other 🙂

We found a pretty nice spot at the campground but the road was on the other side of the trees so we heard some traffic noise.  Tent camping is fun, requires a bit more work than when camping with a trailer.



Our tent is a Eureka Copper Canyon 5 man tent with screen room. Although there are only the two of us, we wanted plenty of room to move around and we have two twin air mattresses together that make a king sized bed for us to sleep on which takes up quite a bit of room.  My husband camped with a tent when he was a kid and he loved how this tent went up – easy peasy! BTW, my husband usually doesn’t sport the “skinhead” hair cut.  He made the mistake of walking into a SuperCuts 15 minutes before closing.  We were both horrified with the hair cut – good lesson!

Our dining canopy was another purchase that my husband loved.  He did all the research on that one and it is a winner! I believe he said they tied their dining canopy to trees when he was camping as a kid – big improvement!



The dogs thoroughly enjoyed being outdoors for the weekend.  We bought these awesome tethers (I believe I have seen them at Walmart) that are super long and are not like a chain that would hurt them if they got tangled up in each other.  We never leave them outside by themselves so we are always aware of what they are up to.  We attached them to the trees but realized that isn’t a permanent option.  More research is needed on that front.DSCF1541 Tess, being only six months old decided to try to eat the forest floor, which was a bit annoying.


Remnants of her last “snack” still in her beard.

One of the best things about camping is the food.  We almost always cook breakfast, bacon and pancakes are staples as well as one morning of a big plate of eggs.  One thing that we have had several times is chicken fajitas.  I put frozen chicken breasts in a Ziploc baggie with Italian dressing. I bring red and green peppers and sweet onion.  Brad cooks the chicken on the grill and the peppers and onions are cooked on the griddle on the propane stove.  After he cuts up the cooked chicken breast we put it in flour tortillas with cheese and sour cream – Outstanding! Add some baked beans on the side and you have a great camp meal!


He’s cooking hamburgers on the grill in the picture – another great camp food!

10305603_10152572607174223_6658404688413025048_n 10603550_10152574577954223_444767838127594883_n

Sadie, using Brad to see out the window of the tent – haha

The only real complaints about this trip was that some dude drove in about 11:00 pm and decided to set up camp with his two kids and blasting music until well after 2:00 AM.  Then in the morning they were gone, very weird!  Otherwise Northwest River Campground in Chesapeake, Virginia is a great place to tent camp!



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