Our Camping Adventures – Goose Point Campground, Stuart,VA

We were quite disappointed that we were unable to camp again until the end of May 2015.  The weekend weather just didn’t cooperate.  On the weekends that were pretty we had other obligations.  We set out on Memorial Day weekend determined to camp even though the weather report wasn’t looking good.  As it turned out the only rain we had was at night and it was very little so we had a great time.  Goose Point is a fabulous campground, we loved our time there.  We were able to choose our campsite online before we got there and ours was right on the bank of the lake.  I love being near water so I was in my own little heaven.


We got everything set up and fixed something to eat.  We then took our chairs and set them up right by the bank of the river.  I have a chair that has a foot stool, so my foot stool was hanging over the ledge of the bank.  IMG_0794Sadie on my lap before the excitement.

We were having a very peaceful evening, talking about how much we love camping, and the enjoyment we get from being outside, and Brad starts telling me stories about when he camped with his family as a kid. He starts telling me a story about how his boyhood dog, Ring, a border collie, saved his little brother from being bit by a rattlesnake.   As he is telling the story (and I am not even kidding or exaggerating), Tess, who is sitting on his lap, starts staring down at the ground with intent.  We had our phones with us so Brad gets his out and shines the flashlight down at the ground and tells me to absolutely not move.  By this time, Tess is freaking out and trying to get away from Brad, I look down and a snake is slithering under my chair. I wanted to absolutely freak out and run fast and far, but I controlled myself and did exactly what Brad said, be still and try my best to keep Sadie still.  Once it was gone, we moved away from the lake bank.  Now, I am a bit freaked out because although where we sleep in our tent is completely zippered, the “screen room” side of the tent doesn’t have a floor and any snake can just slither his way into our clothes and other stuff we have in there.  I was not comfortable the rest of the weekend.


The next morning as I was walking back from the bathhouse, this view helped me to overcome my snake-anxiety and just stay away from the bank the rest of the time that we were there.

FullSizeRender (2)


We still haven’t figured out a good way to tether the dogs.  They are tethered to the picnic table this time and we spent a lot of time untangling them from the picnic table legs.  Still researching that little issue.

FullSizeRender (4)

Although I had no desire to go down to the lake, Brad wasn’t going to let a snake keep him from dipping his feet into the water and getting cooled off.

IMG_0810 IMG_0812

I think the only drawback of our particular campsite (besides the snake of course) was that during the day there was lake noise, speed boats and water skiiers.  It actually wasn’t that bad the weekend we were there but I can imagine during the summer it could be pretty noisy.

One of our favorite things about camping is that Brad and I play games and our favorite is Skip-Bo.  Our son-in-law introduced us to the game a few years ago and it has been a favorite since.


We had a variety of food this time, Brad cooked on the fire, the grill and the propane stove.  That is another one of my favorite things about camping – Brad cooks!

IMG_0835 IMG_0846 IMG_0813 IMG_0803 DSCF1615

As much as we enjoyed this camping trip, it also was a turning point for us.  We loved tent camping but we have realized that we are too old to sleep on the ground. Although we have the air mattresses it is still a little rough rolling out of the bed and trying to stand up.  I also have to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night at least once.  The walk to the bathhouse at 2 AM in the morning is a little creepy.  The other thing that I worry about every time we camp is the food in the cooler.  Is the cooler cold enough? Do we need to add ice? Is the food spoiling and we are going to get sick?  (Is that snake going to slither into the tent???????)  It would be nice to camp during the summer, but it is just too hot in the tent during the day and the humidity at night is quite uncomfortable.  Time to start looking at campers.

We left on Sunday morning, having had a wonderful time and something fun to think about.


Camping wears the dogs out!  They normally are in harnesses but the car is so crammed with stuff they have to sit up front with us.



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