Our Camping Adventures – Northwest River Campground


Our maiden trip with the camper was to one of our favorite campgrounds, Northwest River in Chesapeake. Northwest River is a city owned campground and is quite rustic.  There are lots of trees and it is generally really quiet.  It was fourth of July weekend and we managed to get a site at the last minute.  There are no sewer hook ups, which is a bit of a drawback, but they do have a dump station on the way out of the campground. The evening we drove out it was pouring rain.  The site we had originally been assigned was pretty flooded but we managed to get the camper in.  By morning we had a lake and Brad went to the office and requested to move to another site.  One thing to mention too, there are no water hookups at each site.  If you camp there and need a water hook up, look at the sites first to determine if your water hose is long enough to reach the spigot.

Savanna and Lance came out and joined us for dinner one night.  I hadn’t taken their 3 year anniversary pictures so I did that for them while we were there.  I wasn’t happy how they turned out but it was almost dark and it was just a quick shot – what can you do?



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