Our Camping Adventures – Fort Story, VA

The next time we got to camp was a couple of weeks later.  We only had a weekend so we didn’t go very far.  It wound up being a bit of a nightmare trip although it didn’t have anything to do with the campground itself.  I went out early in the day to get our campsite.  It is easier to get a good site earlier in the day.  Once Brad got home from work we loaded up and headed out.  The site was nice, with a fire pit, we have learned that not all campgrounds have fire pits (????) so I will try to mention when they do.


This was probably one of our most memorable trips, which actually wasn’t a good thing.  Our dog, Sadie was still recovering from a bout of pancreatitis and an unknown cause allergic reaction that almost killed her.  We thought about canceling the trip but decided she was on the upswing and we weren’t planning on doing hiking this time so she could rest just as easy at the campsite as at home.  The first evening we are there Brad says to me, “what do you think this is?” as he is looking at Sadie’s ears.IMG_1137 IMG_1138

Her skin was peeling as though she had been sunburned.  So, thankfully, our vet, who is amazing, had given us her cell phone number so we gave her a call and sent her pictures and it was determined that her skin was sloughing because of the hives and welts she had from her allergic reaction.  Scary, and a little gross, but completely normal – Whew! So, we went to bed and looked forward to a good camping trip.

We were sitting outside after breakfast just enjoying the weather and talking when all the sudden I feel a sting on my foot.  I figured it was a sweat bee or something and didn’t think too much of it.  But, it started itching madly and after that I saw a weird looking fly.  I looked it up on the internet and it is what is known as a yellow fly.  Well, apparently I am sensitive to yellow fly bites and my foot started swelling.


That pretty much ruined the trip for me.  I was scared to go back out there, we are pretty sure that Sadie got bit as well because she was acting scared and didn’t want to be outside either.  By the next morning my foot looked like this:


so, poor Brad was left with breaking camp completely by himself because I seriously couldn’t walk on my foot.  It felt like it was going to explode.  All in all, the campground was nice (not much you can do about nature and its insects), we are hoping to go back sometime before or after yellow fly season. Maybe our next trip will be a little more fun (crossing fingers).


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