Our Camping Adventures – Chesapeake Bay Campground, Gloucester, VA

When we bought our camper we got a free Thousand Trails membership (1 year).  We decided to check out one of the campgrounds.  Over all it was okay, it didn’t have a fire ring, which was the first time we stayed somewhere that didn’t have a fire ring.  Since then we have found that not all campgrounds have them.  Seems weird to me, what is camping without a camp fire?  So, now we know to find out ahead of time if they have fire rings.  We don’t always have a fire but we certainly want the option!

11890403_10153499063384223_9109518555557091477_o 11893874_10153499066234223_8541596715003192550_o 11891880_10153499064169223_6336612424682734959_o11885756_10153499064564223_8642118835081241767_oWe had just recently bought a dutch oven and wanted to cook with it.  Brad improvised and we were able to use it even without a fire pit 🙂

11878867_10153499067354223_2749869085473676347_oThey had a small beach so Sadie was happy that she was able to get into the water.  I was taking video of her in the water so I don’t have any pictures.


All in all we had a good time, but we felt like the campground was a little more crowded than we really like, we probably won’t go to this one again.  However, I do feel that if you had children with you, this might be a good place to go.  They had a lot of activities for kids, 2 pools (one for adults only), basketball courts, pickle courts and on Saturday night they had a concert which sounded like everyone was having a great time.  When the grandchildren are older, we might consider going back.


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