Our Camping Adventures – North Landing Beach Campground, VA Beach

In August we took our Sunday School class camping at North Landing Beach Campground in Virginia Beach.  Brad and I teach a college/career class at our church.  We have a great group of kids and we had a great time.  The campground was perfect for what we needed.  A private beach, volleyball net right on the beach and corn hole boards that we could rent from the office.  They also had a great pool.  The staff was very accommodating and we all had a fantastic time.  We actually had two sites, the guys had the tent site


and the girls were in a tent next to our camper at the “main” camp site.


I highly recommend North Landing Beach Campground.  It is being renovated right now and I am unsure when it will open but I’m sure when it re-opens it will be amazing.

Volleyball on the beach.  Sadie was absolutely obnoxious when it came to any game that involved balls.

11895117_10153462252419223_4756332110509187443_o 11872031_10153452628559223_6438643715105365732_o 11882651_10153462252429223_8936036833140683647_o

11865220_10153452631294223_5203299734881231175_oWhen the Spikeball came out she had to be put into the camper because she could not let them play without barking and crying for the ball.

11874975_10153452628484223_8062959741798841778_o 11875173_10153462252754223_2509925888465582214_o 11834826_10153462252714223_2147149166374233919_o

It wouldn’t be a camp out without s’mores

11888165_10153462252994223_6930308947193923198_o 11834671_10153452632439223_361161792759730476_o 11224599_10153452632294223_5744289911959100356_oAnd card games


On Sunday morning we had a devotional on the beach before the kids all went out to the boat to tube on the river.

11062706_10153448973694223_3370258642247708669_n 11220772_10153499113444223_3156836474105315623_oOf course, Sadie and Tess did NOT like everyone walking away from her to go to the boat.  More crying ensued. 🙂 We discovered on this trip that Sadie loves water.  Our other Schnauzers hated the water but she loves it!11890014_10153499113059223_8781675229872130829_o 11947859_10153499112024223_2223039946885836068_o 11918929_10153499112559223_558903966019118492_oWe are looking forward to our 2016 camp out with our class in May.


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