I haven’t been a very faithful blogger (but then neither is someone else I know who actually has children that is a slacker – you know who you are!) I have been covered up with work and am beginning to come out of it all and be able to do things I haven’t had time for since about April.  Like blogging.  Of course there isn’t a whole lot to blog about but I will try.  My pic of the day is of Lance.  He helped me with a senior session this weekend and was carrying the girl’s cowboy hat and the girl’s horse was obsessed with the hat and was following him around, it was so funny!  But, this weekend the blog should pick up a bit, we (Savanna, Lance, Brad and me) are going to Savannah and take care of wedding things.  We are meeting Lance’s parents there so it should be a good time.  Until then, I leave you with this…



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